Get Involved

Want to get involved with our class?





Did you know that a "mini-reunion" can be only three people?
That means you can get together with some of your best friends and
our Class will get credit for being "very connected".

We can also have Mini-Reunions to celebrate events such as


  • an art show in town,
  • someone coming to town,
  • a book release by a classmate,
  • an honor to a classmate,
  • a musical event.

I can help!

  • I can have the college send emails to classmates in your area from our class
  • (and to alumnae from other classes too)
  • I’m also happy to help fill out any of the paperwork required.

So, when you get an idea for bringing people together, I’ll be your assistant.

Let me know of any events coming up in your area that would interest classmates.
We can email invitations from the college.

 (I do a three person mini-event about twice a year; we meet in a downtown restaurant and talk. We love it. You will, too. )

Call or email me with your questions, ideas and reports. Email your photos!


My email is; or you can phone me at  206-283-5156